Monodramas (2014/2015)

Single-Channel Video, 2-Channel Audio
Runtime: 13min 22 sec
Watch (link)

Monodramas is a video digitally produced by thirty-seven people who refuse conditions and economics of low-paid, technologically networked-work. It is comprised of the following videos:

Untitled (Fire and Smoke)
10 sec.

We Tried To Make The Smoke Appear But No Luck
13 sec.

Entrepreneurship Is Bullshit
15 sec.

Like A Debt Collector Seeking To Retrieve Funds From Dead People
26 sec.

Black Square
30 sec.

The Coconut Tree I Usually Climb To Find Your Business Logo
32 sec.

The Factories Are Our Homes, Our Feelings, And Our Bodies
34 sec.

Dancing Instead Of Making Ads At School
27 sec.

The Sunset
13 sec.

Message In A Bottle
51 sec.

Out Of The Snow And Darkness
12 sec.

End The Scopic Regime
23 sec.

Capitalism Makes Us Sick
15 sec.

The Moon
20 sec.

If There’s Profit, There’s No Such Thing As Science
15 sec.

In 2014-15, these works regularly streamed as online commercial content, such as in the form of 'non-skippable video advertisements' on YouTube. copy.jpg