Added Value (2016)

8 Channel Audio Installation, Dolby 7.1
Duration: 24 minutes 12 seconds

A film score for a far-future documentary on surplus value.

In 1957, at the Sixth Radar Conference at MIT, thousands of scientists spontaneously broke into song; their voices rang out, singing in unison:

“More data, more data, from pole to equator,
We’ll gain our salvation through mass mensuration.
Thence flows our might, our sweetness, our light.
Our spirits full fair, our souls sublime;
Measuring everything, everywhere, all the time.”

In 2016, a choir in Venezuela recreated this song for the first time since, after being introduced to this historical moment via a crowdsourcing platform. Meanwhile, the Firedrake Jamming Song — an ode to harvests — fills the frequencies of short-wave radio, replacing news media. Before the malls crumbled, Muzak became weaponized. There were new and old colonialisms, physical and virtual; people were segregated and marginalized on new and old premises; uncountable new borders proliferated, until materiality was vacuumed up, taxing, quantifying and stressing the psyche.



「多點數據, 多點數據,由極點到赤道,我們會從大規模的測量中獲得拯救。

同時,火龍即興歌曲(農物收成的頌歌)干預新聞網絡,填補短波廣播電台的頻率。 Muzak(背景音樂品牌)成為武器、購物商場瓦解。世界曾經有過新舊、實體及虛擬的殖民主義;物理被淘空,人的精神受勞損、量化及加壓。
Installation at Oi!, Hong Kong