"From the Archives of Sid Chow Tan," at the Carnegie Theatre, 2023 Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival, Vancouver

"Mathematics: Notes & Readings" with Sajdeep Soomal & China Mae Stepter at 2022 YTB Gallery Cyberfellowship, Toronto

"Thought Experiments and Misinventions: Stories of Forming Numbers" at KPU 2021/22 Arts Speaker Series

"Notes on What-Determines-What" in C-Lab, Taiwan

Untitled in Currency at the New Media Gallery, New Westminster

10 - 3 = 13 in Unequal States, Labocine, July 2020 Issue

Monodramas in Selfing (Talk #2), by Tyler Coburn for __homecooking__

Secessio at Kunstplass Contemporary Art, Oslo

The Global Condition Workshop, PAF, Saint-Erme, France

Residency Fellowship at the Terra Foundation for American Art, Giverny, France

10 - 3 = 13, Secessio, and Pure Difference
at Images Festival, Toronto

Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories at DIM Cinema, Vancouver

Pure Difference at Impakt Festival 2018, Utrecht

Resonator in Infrasonic Love and Digital Hallucination at On Curating Project Space, Zurich

Pure Difference in Empirical Ideologies, Labocine, September 2018 Issue

Misinventions in Self-Destructive Cinema, Rupture 2018, Vancouver International Film Festival

Pure Difference at DOXA, Vancouver

"Ten Artists Who Work with Text" in Canadian Art, Spring 2018 Issue

Resonator at Beeler Gallery, Columbus College of Art & Design

Resonator in !!!Sección A R T E, Rhizome.org

Pure Difference at True/False Festival 2018, Columbia, Missouri

Research + Practice Panel at ECUAD Library, Vancouver

Pure Difference at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

Talk at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver

Panel, AIRWAVES: Anti-Colonial Methods in “Sensing Salon” by Valentina Desideri and Denise Ferreira da Silva, with Stefano Harney and Mariana Marcassa at Artspeak, Vancouver

Text for Before and After the Sixth Radar Conference, by SF Ho

Before and After the Sixth Radar Conference at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver

A Story in Stories (with Enoch Cheng), text for The Garden at K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong

Not Sent Letters & Guests, Vancouver

The House of Dust at The Darling Foundry, Montreal

Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories at Centre A, Vancouver

Added Value in Enoch Cheng's The Loss of a Yellow Striped Shirt at Wing Platform, Hong Kong

Beyond Spectacle Residency, Vancouver

"Resonator" (short story version, with Tyler Coburn) in Cesura//Acceso Issue 2

Added Value in Montage Express at Oi!, Hong Kong

Residency at Centre A, Vancouver

"Bells into Networks" in continent. Issue 5.3 "Acoustic Infrastructures"

Resonator (with Tyler Coburn) commissioned by Am Nuden Da (Distributed Spring 2017 via Para Site, Hong Kong; Museums of Bat Yam, Tel Aviv; and Kellen Galleries/Parsons, New York)

Talk at Contemporary Art Society Vancouver

Interview with Jenny Nelson in Red Pepper

Monodramas at Open Call: Web-Based Art at ICA Miami, w/ Willie Avendano, Mike Bode & Takuji Kogo, AdrienneRose Gionta, Jillian Mayer, Tyler Madsen, and Erik Carter, Dionysia Mylonaki, Andrew Norman Wilson, Daniel Wilson, UBERMORGEN, Damon Zucconi

Video Release: Can We Change Time? at The Southbank Centre, London

Monodramas at Recess Gallery, Portland

Performance of "Multiple Use" by Monty Cantsin and Gabriel Saloman at the Western Front, Vancouver

Guest Lectures at The London School of Economics, Media & Communications Programme

Monodramas at The White Building, London

Panel (24/7) at The New School for Social Research, New York

The Secret Life of Data and the Future of Value at Mozilla Festival, London

Presentation of Songs for Non-Work at Digital Futures: Money No Object, organized by The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Infra_Spection Residency at The White Building, London

Publication launch of "Scripting Misperformance, Misperforming Scripts" in Fillip #19, at Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver Emerging Artists Prize Exhibition at Access Gallery, Vancouver

Presentation at Art in the Age of Real Abstraction at The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art, University College of London

https://www.byronpeters.com/files/gimgs/th-80_Resonator_Fan_Web - 1.jpg
Resonator (detail, drawings by Mummalaneni Bhargavi), 2017

Followspot (2009)

https://www.byronpeters.com/files/gimgs/th-80_Pure-Diff-Install-Web - 1.jpg
Before and After the Sixth Radar Conference, VIVO Media Arts Centre, 2017
https://www.byronpeters.com/files/gimgs/th-80_Anti-Racist Mathematics Still 02 Web.jpg
Slide from Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories, 2017
https://www.byronpeters.com/files/gimgs/th-80_Anti-Racist Mathematics Still 01 Web.jpg
Slide from Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories, 2017